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Kingsley gives companies the tools and skills to deliver market-leading products and services. By blending the best of solid strategic and planning skills with design thinking, Agile development, lean startup methods and proprietary tools, your team can consistently deliver market-leading results.  Some of our programs include:

Learning Programs:  We deliver interactive learning experiences designed to build practical new skills in Agile development, product leadership and innovation. Browse our learning programs.

Innovation Projects: Companies turn to us when they don't have internal resources to evaluate and define new opportunities in software, electronics and a wide range of product-markets. Learn more.

FacilitationThe tools and methods that product managers, owners and developers need to define and develop market-leading products. Learn more.

How can we help you develop winning products and services?
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Live 4-Hour Seminar

Modifying Agile for HW

Getting Started with MAHD

Join  MAHD founders and evangelists, Gary Hinkle and Dorian Simpson for this fast-paced 4-hour live seminar.  You’ll to learn how  to apply the Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) framework to your products to increase focus, reduce cycle times and deliver products that customers love. 

New!! Online Mini-MBA

Designed specifically for engineers, project managers and technical leaders. We've taken the most practical and important business topics and boiled it down to a short, cost effective program.

Some resources to get started:

Going Agile? Get Started Here.

Free Whitepaper

Five Challenges to Agile Success and Solutions to Fix

Get Funding for Your Project

Get Your BIG Idea Heard to get the First Round of Funding From Your Executives.

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Agile for Hardware

Free E-book

Applying Agile to Hardware When Change Is Hard

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Our Clients

We work with some of the world's largest and smallest organizations. What they have in common is the desire to build innovation skills and deliver great products to drive growth. A sample of our clients:​

Learning Clients

Project Clients

Tyco Electronics

PM Skills for Success

Tyco's product management team had sales and technical backgrounds. They needed tools and skills to become market-oriented leaders. We provided a series of programs to build marketing strength.


Product Management Leadership

ABB has experienced product managers, but they wanted to be more strategic. We provided skills in product strategy and portfolio management to drive growth. 

ThermoFisher Scientific

Building Strategic Analysis Skills

ThermoFisher's skilled product team wanted to be more strategic. We provided product strategy and portfolio analysis skills to strengthen their ability to optimize product lines and resources.

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New Product Definition

Intel needed help developing a UI to make installing cluster computers easy and error-free. We provided product management services to gather customer needs, define the solution and work with their internal team to execute.


Product Management Leadership

Technicolor needed help developing a new innovative. We provided product management leadership while helping to build a team to drive execution. 


Innovative Opportunities

Rovi was looking for new opportunities. We provided the process to form innovation teams to identify, filter and execute on a portfolio of new ideas. 

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