Live 4-Hour Seminar:

Financial Skills for Technical Leaders 

Foundations of Profit and Loss

Finance is the language and scorecard of business. Every manager and leader must have a solid understanding of financial concepts.

Financial Skills for Technical Leaders is 4-hour live intensive seminar specifically designed for technical leaders to understand the performance of existing products and actively participate in the budgeting process. 

Facilitated by Dorian Simpson, BSEE, MBA, this fast-paced program includes exercises and real world examples to: 

  • Understand the three major corporate financial reports and how they work together

  • Learn how to read, interpret, and develop Profit & Loss statements for products and projects

  • Important financial terms to intelligently discuss the costs and expenses for every project

A Simple P&L:
The Scorecard for Business

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April 9, 2020

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Who Should Attend?

Leaders in product development: 

  • Product leaders

  • Engineering leaders

  • R&D leaders

  • Project managers

  • Program managers

  • P&L owners

Key Questions Addressed:
  • What is the different between a cash flow statement and profit and loss statement?

  • What are the three types of margin and how do you calculate these?

  • What is the difference between costs and expenses?

  • How do you account for all of the factors that contribute to Cost of Goods Sold?

  • What are the key variables you should focus on when analyzing a profit and loss statement? 

  • How should you think about capital costs vs. expenses when developing a budget? 

  • And many more. Also, bring your own questions to get answers targeted to your situation. 

The Details


​1) Understanding Corporate Financials
  • ​Cash flows, balance sheet and statements of operations

  • Key metrics corporate management uses to monitor the business​


2) Understanding Profit and Loss Statements​
  • Elements of Costs of Goods Sold​

  • Elements of revenue and expenses


3) Key Principles of Cost Accounting
  • Understanding burden, overhead and standard costing​

  • Calculating and accounting for depreciation​


4) Budgeting ​for Technical Leaders
  • Capital cost vs. expenses

  • ​Developing a personal and department budget​


Tools and templates covered

P&L Statements, cash flow statement template, budget template, depreciation template

The Facilitator

Dorian Simpson

Consultant. Trainer. Author. Certified NPDP. Agile Evangelist.

ATT. Motorola. Intel.

Dorian has helped 1000's of product leaders understand key financial concepts to help them become leaders of their projects, product lines and companies.

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