Customer Insight for Agile Leaders:

Rapid Feedback Loops

A practical learning program for product development leaders

"Customer satisfaction by early and continuous delivery of valuable software." 

- 1st Principle, Agile Manifesto

Join product development experts Gary Hinkle and

Dorian Simpson to learn how to incorporate Rapid Customer Insight into your Agile efforts:

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The Summary - Customer Insight for Agile Leaders

What Is It?

A one day Agile leadership seminar for: 

  • Product leaders

  • Engineering leaders

  • R&D leaders

  • P&L owners

Key Topics:

  • How to identify the right customers. Buyers? Users? Influencers?
  • How to motivate customers to work with your team

  • How to gain accurate insight efficiently

  • When and how to bring customers into development sprints

  • Using online tools to get consistent, accurate insight

  • How to quickly prioritize features and functions based on real data 

  • Developing customer panels that work

The Instructors - 40 Years of Product Development Expertise

Gary Hinkle
Consultant. Trainer. Speaker. Executive.
Agile Expert.
Boeing. Intel.
"Without customer feedback, decisions come down to opinions. This rarely yields good results."
Dorian Simpson
Consultant. Trainer. Author. Executive. Certified NPDP.
ATT. Motorola.
"Without bringing real customers effectively into development cycles, you're not really Agile."

The Details


A critical element of Agile success is validation of solutions with customers. However, getting timely feedback is often a challenge for teams.

This program focuses on how to work effectively with real target customers to identify needs, prioritize features and attributes, and validate releases throughout the Agile development process.


Join leading product development experts Gary Hinkle and Dorian Simpson for this interactive executive experience to develop rapid customer feedback loops into your Agile development process.


In just one day, you’ll build new skills, learn effective methods, and get practical tools, such as:


  • How to identify the right target customers and motivate them for ongoing feedback

  • How to balance and prioritize the needs of each type of customer (users, buyers, influencers)

  • How to obtain accurate insight rapidly to answer timely questions

  • How to translate fuzzy customer feedback into concrete actions

Program Summary


  • Identifying the range of customer types

  • Understanding customer needs, wants and desires

  • Using Customer Value Pyramids to define priorities

  • Establishing goals to drive feedback success

  • Finding and motivating the right customers

  • Developing an Agile feedback plan and tactics

  • The structure and flow of great interviews

  • Key questions to get the most accurate results


Case Study: Develop a customer needs pyramid in
a target segment for each type of customer



Enjoy an interactive and Agile lunch and network with other leaders as you participate in an Agile learning exercise


  • Identifying the right type of panel for your situation

  • Key factors in successful feedback panels

  • How to setup the right feedback panel

  • Managing, motivating and using advisory panels

  • Identifying the right online tool for your situation

  • Effective customer interaction to get desired results

  • Feature trade-off using an online tool

  • Solution validation techniques

Exercise: Develop an Agile rapid customer feedback plan using the range of tools available to you

Download a complete outline here.


"The Rapid Customer Insights Workshop is exactly what I needed to take my company to the next level."

- B. Kodarapu, CEO, ReturnGuru

"It was fantastic to see a systematic approach to get the right data. I was wasting so much time before."

- T. Fuller, AmericanStandard

"The tools I learned are clearly among the best in the industry.”


− C. Wheelock, CenturyLink

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Who Should Attend

Any leader in product development, IT, R&D, testing or manufacturing​ who would like to learn more about how to implement Agile in your company. This is ideal for:

  • Engineering and Software Development Leaders

  • R&D Leaders

  • Product Management Leaders

  • Project Management Leaders

  • IT Leaders

What’s Included

The registration fee includes:

  • A comprehensive E-book with tools, examples and key learnings

  • Peer networking

  • Lunch and refreshments are also included

  • Follow-up with the workshop leaders to assist with implementation

Dates and Locations


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