Agile for Hardware:

Going MAHD for Market Success

A practical learning program for product development leaders

"Only 7% of organizations using Agile report their agility as being 'very high'." 

- PMI 2017 Pulse of the Profession

Join product development experts Gary Hinkle and

Dorian Simpson for this powerful full-day interactive seminar for Agile leaders:

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Introduction: Modified Agile for Hardware Development

Agile methods have taken over the software industry.  Developers and leaders have discovered that traditional waterfall processes don’t work because the upfront unknowns are usually too significant to accurately write requirements. So a new way — Agile — was created and embraced. All good.


But what about products that have mechanical and electronic components? Can products that range from trash cans to complex medical devices benefit from Agile’s goodness? Yes. The philosophy is sound, but the application of Agile requires significant changes to support the needs of hardware products where making changes are costly, partial products are difficult to test with real customers and schedules are demanded by management. This led the need to develop the Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework — an open-source initiative to embrace the principles of Agile while recognizing hardware’s unique needs. 

This program provides a foundation in applying agile principles to hardware products. Choose the one-day program to learn the elements of MAHD and how to apply them to your products. Choose the two-day program to go deeper into the principles as you practice launching specific MAHD projects for your company.

What Is It?

A one or two day Agile leadership seminar for: 

  • Product leaders

  • Engineering leaders

  • R&D leaders

  • P&L owners

Key Topics:

  • How to apply Agile success to physical products
  • Understand MAHD elements and 

  • Bringing cross-discipline teams into the Agile process

  • How to use testing criteria as a critical delivery contract 

  • Managing Agile progress communication to all stakeholders

  • Applying Agile principles when all hell breaks loose

The Facilitators: Over 40 Years of Development Expertise

Gary Hinkle
Consultant. Trainer. Speaker. Executive.
Agile Evangelist.
Boeing. Intel.
Dorian Simpson
Consultant. Trainer. Author. Certified NPDP. Agile Evangelist.
ATT. Motorola.

The Details


“Agile” has become a hot buzzword… and rightfully so. Those who have embraced its goodness have delivered more valuable solutions in less time and with fewer resources. Unfortunately for many teams Agile, as it has been defined for pure software products, is not a perfect fit. While Agile evangelists attempt to drive scrums and sprints, other stakeholders from engineering leaders to production managers often scramble to adapt their processes and thinking — with frustrating results. This often leads to Agile creating more problems than it solves.


Join leading product development experts Gary Hinkle and Dorian Simpson for this interactive executive experience to apply Agile to projects that require cross-discipline teams, thinking and processes to achieve consistent Agile success.


In just one day, you’ll learn how recognized leaders from Apple to Xilinx, as well as innovative smaller companies, apply the methods of Agile to grow and thrive in their industries with products that must engage a wide range of disciplines in engineering, design, testing and production. Whether you’re just learning, struggling or need to take Agile to the next level, this seminar will share the secrets of Agile along with practical tools to:


  • Apply Agile to critical projects ranging from simple applications to complex systems with multiple components

  • Effectively include all product development roles and disciplines in the Agile process — from architects to deployment managers

  • Expertly apply Agile in physical and embedded software products where software might be a small component

Program Summary


  • The benefits of Agile – The investment, business case and results you can expect

  • The Agile Challenge – Success factors, assess YOUR environment, where companies fail and how you can succeed

  • Five Use Cases to Apply Agile – Five types of mission-critical projects and products and how Agile can lead to success


Enjoy an interactive and Agile lunch and network with other leaders as you participate in an Agile learning exercise


  • Making Agile work – Develop an Agile plan matched to your goals, products and team

  • Agile tools – Beyond the scrum - Three cutting-edge Agile tools to ensure cross-functional Agile success

Download a complete outline here.


"Success with Agile starts with a mindset. This program gives you that and more."

- Ed de la Fuente, Intel

"Excellent subject, well delivered. Understandable. Clear opportunities for me to apply what I learned to my own situation."

– Eric Dye, Intel

"I was so lucky to take part in this training. I came with many questions that were perfectly explained. It was very helpful!”

 – E. Shao, Buhler"

"The tools I learned are clearly among the best in the industry.”


− C. Wheelock, CenturyLink

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Who Should Attend

Any leader in product development, IT, R&D, testing or manufacturing​ who would like to learn more about how to implement Agile in your company. This is ideal for:

  • Engineering and Software Development Leaders

  • R&D Leaders

  • Product Management Leaders

  • Project Management Leaders

  • IT Leaders

What’s Included

The registration fee includes:

  • A comprehensive E-book with tools, examples and key learnings

  • Peer networking

  • Lunch and refreshments are also included

  • Follow-up with the workshop leaders to assist with implementation

Dates and Locations


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