Agile for Hardware & Cross-discipline Teams

“Agile” has been proven in the software industry to produce higher quality software in less time. If you're developing products that aren't pure software, or have no software components, you may have been thinking about how to apply agile methods to get the same benefits.  The good news is that agile thinking can produce great results for physical products ranging from trash cans to complex medical devices, but Agile for Hardware and Cross-discipline teams does require some tweaks from the current software practices.

If you're looking to reduce product development cycle times while creating more successful products, we can help you build more agility into your processes. Some of the product categories where Agile can be applied include:​

Agile for Hardware Executive Overview v2
  • Consumer products

  • Medical devices

  • Computers and devices

  • Complex systems

  • Electronic components

  • Personal electronics

  • Industrial equipment

  • Appliances

  • FMCG

  • Automobiles

  • Parts and components

  • Services

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A cross-discipline approach can be used apply Agile thinking to any type of product or service.

Agile Leadership Seminars

Two One-day Programs for Agile Leaders to Drive Development Success

4-Hour Live Seminar: Getting Started with MAHD

Modifying Agile for Hardware Development

Gary Hinkle and Dorian Simpson will go into details on how to apply the Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) framework to your products to increase focus, reduce cycle times and deliver products that customers love.  Select from three times to register.

Tools and Methods to Implement Effective Agile Practices Requiring Cross-discipline Teams

Agile is not just for pure software. This program goes beyond software to provide skills and methods to apply Agile to physical and complex products where software might be only one component.

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Tools and Methods to Build Customer Insight into Your Agile Efforts

This program focuses on how to work effectively with real target customers to identify needs, prioritize features and attributes, and validate releases throughout the Agile development process.​


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Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Overview

Five Challenges to Agile Success and Solutions to Fix

Agile for Hardware and Cross-discipline Teams

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