Innovation Planning Projects

Does you team have a big idea but lacks the resources, time or expertise to execute? We have helped companies in industries ranging from industrial pipes to tunneling electronic microscopes identify, evaluate and define new opportunities. The process is generally the same, but the details are vastly different.  To obtain the results you are seeking, we assess your needs and goals before ever recommending a program.


Here is a sample of industries in which we have conducted innovation projects: 

  • Consumer electronics

  • Industrial machinery

  • Software applications

  • High-performance computing

  • Industrial pipes

  • Medical devices

  • Animal health

  • Tourism


Your Team or Ours

You may have a team ready to go or need additional skills in design, product management or development.  Whatever your situation, we work closely with your team to share knowledge and skills while providing facilitation, project leadership and resources as needed. 

What does a project look like?

An innovation planning project usually consists of the following steps: 

  1. Review goals and desired outcomes with all stakeholders

  2. Develop the program - from a couple of weeks up to four months

  3. Conduct a kickoff planning session - 4 hours to a full day

    • Clarify roles and responsibilities

    • Define desired outcomes

    • Develop a detailed project plan including milestones and deliverables

  4. Execute - check in and report as agreed

  5. Wrap-up - Share results and establish next steps

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