Innovation and Planning Facilitation

Using a facilitator to assist with product planning or innovation activities can be highly effective for both short and longer term planning. Sessions can range from just a few hours to several days and help your organizations achieve goals such as:


  • Identifying new opportunities and gaining fresh insight into a market problem

  • Evaluating and selecting from a range of product or opportunity options

  • Kicking off a strategic planning effort to clarify steps and responsibilities

  • Reviewing strategic plans to develop clear roles and action plans


A facilitation program usually consists of the following steps (but each challenge is always unique!): 

  1. Review the goals and desired outcomes with the facilitator,

  2. Develop the program - from a couple of hours to a couple of days,

  3. Share "what to expect" information with all participants including any material that should be reviewed in advance to ensure the shared time is valuable,

  4. Facilitated meeting - This usually involves a variety of activities starting with goal-setting and information sharing on to breakout groups, facilitated discussions and conclusion/next-step formation,

  5. Post-meeting followup - At a minimum, the facilitator will document the meeting including what went well, what could be improved for future meetings as well as out clear outcomes and next steps.

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