A Fast-paced Program for Corporate Innovators 

To navigate fast-moving markets, R&D leaders and executives must master Innovation skills. We developed this fast-paced program to provide a solid foundation and detailed innovation management framework to identify, develop and manage new opportunities. Once completed, you'll have the both the skills and techniques necessary to lead innovation efforts.

Mastering Innovation: 5 Parts

  1. Foundation of Driving Innovation - The framework and key success factors from ideation to portfolio management.

  2. Rapid Customer Insight - The techniques to gain early and fast feedback on innovative ideas.

  3. Innovative Solutions - The tools and techniques to identify new, valuable products, markets and services.

  4. Market Potential - Forecasting new opportunities along with techniques to model, test and refine.

  5. The Business Case - Putting it all together to communicate and sell innovative opportunities.

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The Book

Much of our innovation program is discussed in The Savvy Corporate Innovator. it's focus is helping innovator's refine and communicate innovate ideas to get approveful from management for their ideas. Without funding, ideas will go nowhere. 

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The Savvy Innovator - Driving Corporate Innovation Success

Five One-Day Programs to Master the Art of Innovation 

The Skills to Drive Innovation Projects and Move BIG Ideas through the Company

This intensive program provides a foundation for how to think like an innovator, hot to identify new high-potential opportunities and how to build solid business proposals that executives need to see. 

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The Methods to Gain Customer Insight to Identify and Execute New Opportuniites

This program focuses on the most effective and practical methods to identify, probe and listen to the right customers to determine the real value of new products and services from concept to MVP.

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The Skills to the Social, Technology and Market Trends that Lead to New, Valuable Opportunities

An intensive one-day program to explore emerging trends and how to identify high-potential opportunities or apply them to existing products to create new value. 

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Key Analytical Methods to Estimate Market Sizes and Growth Rates for New Concepts

This hands-on program provides the skills to apply the right data and models to determine the potential revenue forecasts and ROI of new opportunities before requesting investment funds.

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The Skills to Build a Solid Business Case that Executives Need to See

This program provides skills to quantify customer value, estimate market potential and how to effectively communicate new opportunities that get the attention of risk-averse executives

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