Obtaining Rapid Customer Insights

Skills to Understand Customers Quickly and Accurately

The Obtaining Rapid Customer Insights program gives innovators simple but powerful tools to accurately understand customer needs and determine if a new opportunity has market potential. 

We focus on the most effective and practical methods to identify the right customers, ask probing questions, and how to listen so that innovators can determine the real value of new products and services. Through a combination of key concepts, interactive exercises, and case studies, innovators will learn new skills, including:

  • How to identify the right customers to explore new-to-world products and services

  • How to effectively use rapid prototyping to get accurate customer feedback

  • The most effective questions for probing customers to validate new opportunities and estimate demand

  • How to process and communicate what customers are saying to create a compelling opportunity proposal

Program Summary


  • Defining Customer Insight Goals

  • Common challenges to learning from customers

  • Why traditional market research fails for new initiatives

  • Knowing what to look for - customer value

  • Understanding customer needs, wants and desires

  • Using Customer Value Pyramids to achieve success

  • Case Study: Using Customer Value Pyramids to see the success and failure of new innovations 



  • Defining the right customer for the opportunity

  • Effective use of customer personas

  • Identifying customer access points

  • Working with the sales and channels to find early stage customers

  • Accessing and motivating customer to learn

  • Methods to incentive potential customers to be part of early stage ideas

  • Exercise: Developing a customer access plan


  • Interviewing techniques

  • The structure and flow of great interviews

  • Key questions to get the most accurate results

  • Techniques to get targeted information

  • The best methods to learn about price

  • Techniques to prioritize customer needs

  • How to determine purchase intention

  • Practice: Trial interviews with workshop participants



  • Developing Customer Value Pyramids

  • Analyzing the potential value of a new concept 

  • Looking for gaps and weaknesses of new ideas

  • Developing an ongoing plan for success

  • Followup techniques to improve accuracy and speed

  • Online tools and systems for easy learning 

  • Exercises:  Developing a rapid customer insight system

Download a complete outline here.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to get a solid foundation in how to be an effective innovator. This is ideal for:

  • Product managers 

  • Product marketing managers

  • Aspiring engineers and product developers

  • Product, project and program managers

  • Entrepreneurs

What’s Included
  • The registration fee includes:

  • A comprehensive E-book with tools, examples and key learnings

  • Lunch and refreshments are also included

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Your Facilitator

Dorian Simpson
MBA. BSEE. Consultant. Author. Certified NPDP.
ATT. Motorola. Intel.

"The Rapid Customer Insights Workshop is exactly what I needed to take my company to the next level."

−B. Kodarapu, CEO, returnGuru

"This class helped fill in the gaps we have in our Agile process."

−P. Carter, Intel

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