Coming Soon!

After 20 years of product development experience, training 1000's of product professionals, working with dozen's of companies and conducting 100's of projects, we are excited to launch our online learning programs to reach as many product professionals as we can. 

We know that it's not good practice to put a "coming soon" on a website, but in this case, we want to share our plans and start collecting information from interested customers. 

In the upcoming months, we'll be launching our Product Strategy Innovation e-learning portal to provide a skills-on-demand experience. You will be able subscribe to the full learning library or choose targeted programs based on your immediate needs such as:

  • How to interview a customer

  • How to develop forecast the demand for a new product

  • How to structure a roadmap

  • How to hold an effective brainstorming session 

  • How to negotiate requirements with R&D

  • Much more... 

If you are interested in becoming a pilot customer for this exciting new product, please contact us and we'll notify you of progress. Of course as a pilot customer, you'll be guaranteed to get special access and early access. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Charlotte, NC

Tel: 971-235-4905

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