Market Insight and Analysis for

Market Leadership

Evaluating Markets, Competitors and Trends to
Make Strategic Decisions 

The Market Insight and Analysis for Market Leadership clinic provides powerful methods and tools to analyze a market and be able to apply the learning to make important strategic decisions when developing product plans, assessing the potential or a new market entry and formulating marketing mixes.

The program focuses on how to collect the right data and then how to apply the best tools to assess the strength of the competition, see gaps in the market and identify market opportunities. Through a combination of case studies, interactive exercises, and hands on experience with market analysis tools, product and marketing leaders will learn new skills, including:

  • The best places and approaches to getting accurate market information

  • Using analysis tools correctly to make strategic decisions

  • How to forecast new product potential when little data exists

Program Summary


  • Strategic planning goals & knowing your audience

  • The elements of a good strategy

  • A strategic planning framework

  • The right steps to develop a market strategy

  • Case Study: Samples of good strategic plans



  • Sources of market insight

  • Methods to get competitor intelligence

  • Techniques to communicate a competitive landscape

  • Exercise: How would you assess the competitive strengths and weaknesses of this company?


  • Four primary tools of market analysis

  • SWOT: right & wrong ways to apply this overused tool

  • Trendeation: Seeing trends that lead to opportunities

  • Value chain analysis: How to follow the money when analyzing a market

  • Market size estimation: The right and wrong way to estimate a market size



  • Product gap analysis

  • Forecasting a new market opportunity

  • Seeing new market opportunities 

  • Exercise: Identify three potential opportunities for a company and prioritize their potential.

Download a complete outline here.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to learn the skills and methods for evaluating a market in order to make strategic decisions. This is ideal for:

  • Product Managers

  • Product Marketing Managers

  • Business Development Professionals

  • Sales Leaders

  • Aspiring program managers and technical leaders

What’s Included

The registration fee includes:

  • A comprehensive E-book with tools, examples and key learnings

  • Sample spreadsheets of P&L's and ROI calculations

  • Lunch and refreshments are also included

Download Details

Your Facilitator

Dorian Simpson
MBA. BSEE. Consultant. Author. Certified NPDP.
ATT. Motorola. Intel.

"It was fantastic to see a systematic approach to get the right data. I was wasting so much time before.

- T. Fuller, AmericanStandard

"Finally, I know how to do a great SWOT. Can't wait to use it in my next presentation. The CEO will be shocked.

- A. Carpenter, ThermoFisher

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