Mini-MBA for Technical Leaders - NEW!!

Build Critical Skills to Advance Your Career

Based upon the wide-range of feedback we've received, this program was developed for technical professionals looking for a fast-paced program to quickly build critical business skills. We've taken the most important topics that leaders find the most valuable in 2-year MBA programs and boiled them down to their essence. You'll learn new skills in these key areas: 

  1. Business and Product Strategy - Analysis and Action

  2. Delivering Market Success - Position, Price, Promotion and Channels

  3. Financial Skills for Technical Leaders I - P&L Statements & Budgets

  4. Financial Skills for Technical Leaders II - Forecasts and ROI

  5. Driving Innovation Projects - Identify & Lead New Opportunities

Bonus module: Key Business Topics, Terms and Processes

We know you can't cover all the topics found in a 2-year program in five, 4-hour modules, but with this bonus module, you'll get a well-rounded understanding of 20 key topics with resources to learn more. 

Each skills area consists the following: 

  1. A live, 4-hour online session -  Learn key topics and skills along with the ability to get answers specific to your situation

  2. Course materials - A PDF of the full presentation

  3. Workbook - A PDF of key tools, templates and additional resources to continue your learning in each area

  4. Access to the instructor - You can follow up at any time with questions as you apply your new skills

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Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers

  • Engineering Leaders and Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Program Managers

  • Product Managers

  • Operations Managers

  • Customer Service Managers

  • Development Leaders

This program is valuable for those in technical or project roles who desire more responsibility in business leadership. The Mini-MBA is also a low-cost and time-efficient trial for anyone considering the time and expense of a full MBA program. Some of the roles we encourage to take this program include: 

Mini-MBA for Technical Leaders Curriculum

Five, 4-hour Online Sections with Bonus Program
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Module 1: Business and Product Strategy


At the core of any solid business is a great strategy that considers a wide range of internal and external factors such as your vision, the market situation, competition, resources and so much more. This module provides a step-by-step framework and methods to develop a strategic game plan. 

Skills learned in this module include:

1) Key Business Success Factors

  • Creating a vision 

  • ​Setting Strategic Initiatives - Step-by-step

​2) Analyzing Market Situations

  • ​Effective use of perceptual maps  -

  • Finding a compelling strategy and position

3) Developing Value Propositions​​

  • ​Using Product/Value profiles to develop strategies and tactics-

  • Understanding customer value pyramids

4) Analyzing Competition

  • ​Getting the right competitor information

  • Competitor analysis models to develop actionable strategies

5) Putting It Together​

  • Communicating clear, concise and complete product strategies

  • ​Delivering a strategy and plan that gets support

Tools and templates covered: Analysis models, perceptual maps, customer and product value profiles, risk-based portfolio model, competitive matrices, business plan templates

"Dorian has an amazing ability to simplify complex topics so they can be understood and applied quickly."

 - T. Carhart, HP

Module 2: Delivering Market Success


Once you have a strategy (and hopefully a product or service to sell), you'll need a compelling and achievable sales and marketing plan. This module provides the key skills necessary to develop a complete marketing plan with an emphasis on sales and promotions tactics that deliver on your strategy.

Skills learned in this module include:

​1) Elements of Great Marketing Plans

  • ​Get started with the end in mind - a great marketing plan 

  • Key marketing success factors and where many fail

2) Key Marketing Levers - Your 4'P's​​

  • Establishing a value-based market position

  • Using your strategy and position to develop a 4 P's strategy

  • Key pricing strategies and considerations

3) High-impact Promotion Strategies

  • ​Articulating your Value Proposition

  • Finding the right promotions to driver ROI

4) Supporting Sales and Channels for Success​

  • Sales tools that your teams need and demand

  • ​Motivating sales teams to deliver results

Tools and templates covered: Product positioning, pricing analysis, marketing budget and calendars, value proposition template, marketing plan templates

"The product value profile is golden. This tool is the best I've seen to create clear product strategies." 

 - A.  Davis, TE Connnectivity

Module 3: Financial Skills for Technical Leaders: Foundations of P&L


Finance is the language and scorecard of business. It is critical to have a solid understanding of financial concepts as they relate to budgeting, product profit performance and recommending new programs for projects or other R&D efforts. Finance is so important, we've devoted two modules to this topic. This module provides the basis of understanding performance of existing products and budgeting. 

Skills learned in this module include:

​1) Understanding Corporate Financials

  • ​Cash flows, balance sheet and statements of operations

  • Key metrics corporate management uses to monitor the business​

2) Understanding Profit and Loss Statements

  • Elements of Costs of Goods Sold​

  • Elements of revenue and expenses

3) Key Principles of Cost Accounting

  • Understanding burden, overhead and standard costing​

  • Calculating and accounting for depreciation​

4) Budgeting ​for Technical Leaders

  • Capital cost vs. expenses

  • ​Developing a personal and department budget​

Tools and templates covered: P&L Statements, cash flow statement template, budget template, depreciation template

"I used to receive our product P&L's monthly and had no idea how to read it. Now everything is clear." 

 - T. Wilson, Flir 

Module 4: Financial Skills for Technical Leaders: Analysis and ROI


This module builds on the last and using your P&L knowledge to look into the future. You'll learn how to develop pro forma (estimated) financials for your current projects as well as be able to forecast the potential of new products and projects.

Skills learned in this module include:

​1) Foundations of Proforma Financial Analysis

  • ​Using a P&L statement as basis for pro forma financials

  • Setting up your spreadsheets for success​

2) Calculating Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Understanding the time value of money​

  • Using NPV and IRR to calculate a series of cash flows

3) Forecasting Current Projects and Products

  • Developing a revenue forecast others will accept

  • Estimating realistic costs and expenses of new project​

4) Selling Pro forma Financials to Executives

  • Understanding the needs of CFOs and CEOs

  • ​Preparing the business case for a successful outcome​

Tools and templates covered: Pro forma profit and lost statements, calculating IRR and ROI, revenue models for new product and R&D projects, COGS estimates for new projects and products.

"I used to think it was difficult to use Excel to calculate ROIs, but now I actually help others around me do it. It's simple when you know how." 

 - B Fullerton, Phoenix Contact

Module 5: Driving Innovation Efforts


In today's fast-moving markets, it's critical to have the skills and mindset to manage the current business while constantly on the lookout for new, innovative opportunities that will ensure your future growth. This module provides the framework and targeted methods to both identify new, high-potential opportunities, but how to select the best ones and manage their execution.

Skills learned in this module include:

​1) Innovation Frameworks

  • Elements and success factors of innovation processes​

  • Using agile thinking and methods to drive innovation success


2) Seeing High-potential Opportunities

  • Identifying emerging trends and enabling capabilities

  • Prioritizing ideas using an idea scorecard​

3) Driving Innovation Projects

  • Techniques to manage teams and projects of innovation

  • How to effectively manage a portfolio of innovative initiatives​

4) Creating a Culture of Innovation

  • Creating an environment where ideas flourish

  • ​Preparing the business case for a successful outcome​

Tools and templates covered: Complete innovation management process, idea scorecard template, portfolio management template, ideation techniques, innovation project template, opportunity proposal template

"While the other modules were valuable, this one was by far the most fun and inspiring. I love all of Dorian's examples from his work as well as other industries." 

 - F, Richardson, Freightliner

Savvy Book 3D.JPG

Bonus Material

Participants in the Mini-MBA will also receive a digital copy of Dorian Simpson's highly-rated book, The Savvy Corporate Innovator, which goes much deeper into each of the topics covered in the module and many more. 

 Two-Hour Bonus Module! Key Business Topics Explained


We added this bonus module to make sure you get a well-round understanding of 20 key topics grouped in five different categories. Many managers and executives have their favorite concept and often just assume others are as well-versed in it as they are. Each topic is explained in one to two slides and in under 5-minutes each along with references to learn more.

Skills learned in this module include:

​1) Key Business Processes Explained

  • Lean, agile, Six Sigma, Stage-gate, Balanced Scorecard and more

2) ​​Key Strategic Models Explained

  • Porter's Five Forces, Crossing the Chasm, Disruptive Innovation, BCG's portfolio model and more​

3) Key Leadership Concepts Explained

  • Tips to lead like a CEO, what keeps executives up at night​, critical team skills, philosophies of leaders and more

4) Key Trends Every Executive Must Know

  • A review of the impact of IOT, AI, e-commerce,  environment and more

This fast-paced review of important topics and trends will provide a foundation to hold intelligent conversations of your company's long term strategy and techniques to achieve your goals.

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