Managing and Analyzing Product Portfolios for Optimal Profit

Skills to Analyze a Product Portfolio to Make Critical Strategic Decisions

Managing and Analyzing Product Portfolios for Optimal Profit is a one-day intensive workshop designed for product leaders to learn how to make strategic decisions for their product lines. It starts with a foundation of portfolio management concepts and then provides specific tools and methods to structure and analyze portfolios from a range of views as well as the techniques to make the best strategic decisions.

The program uses a wide range of exercises, real world examples and role-playing to give product leaders the skills to effectively manage a portfolio, including:


  • The best models to structure a portfolio from both financial and strategic points of view

  • How to see the most promising as well as the most troubled products

  • How to make tough decisions - including when, why and how to kill poorly performing products

  • How to effectively track a portfolio’s performance

Program Summary



  • General principles to optimize a portfolio

  • Establishing portfolio goals

  • Current products/markets portfolio models

  • ​Key Calculations Needed for Portfolio Mgnt 


  • Portfolio Analysis Basics

  • Key variables to use in analysis

  • Understanding and calculating risk in new product portfolios

  • Viewing a portfolio based on: profit, revenue, customer size, contribution margin and other factors.

  • Exercise: Review of a P&L for a product portfolio.


  • Making Resource Decisions - Current Products

  • How to prioritize products and product lines to optimize return-on-focus

  • Making difficult end-of-life decisions - when, why and how

  • Optimizing Profit through the Product Life Cycle

  • Making Resource Decisions - New Products

  • Optimizing projects based on risk-adjusted ROI 

  • Using options theory to assess project potential



  • Holding effective portfolio reviews

  • Case study:  Making difficult portfolio decisions and how to approach corporate conflict.

Download a complete outline here.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to get a solid foundation in product marketing and want to learn how to develop powerful marketing mixes. This is ideal for:

  • Product managers 

  • Product marketing managers

  • Aspiring engineers and product developers

  • Product, project and program managers

What’s Included
  • The registration fee includes:

  • A comprehensive E-book with tools, examples and key learnings

  • Lunch and refreshments are also included

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Your Facilitator

Dorian Simpson
MBA. BSEE. Consultant. Author. Certified NPDP.
ATT. Motorola. Intel.

“Dorian is masterful at simplifying important information.”

– R. Jarka, Ph.D, P&G

" This program is critical to manage a product line. How to change strategies as a product gets older is clear to me now."

– K. Bell, ThermoFisher

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