One Day Programs to Lead Throughout the Product Life Cycle

Explore our time-tested, real world proven one day programs to build your product innovation and market leadership skills. 

The Kingsley Institute Market Success Model

Take Your Agile Skills to the Next Level

Our Agile programs focus on applying Agile to products and services where software may only be one component. Learn how to use Agile principles with hardware and complex systems.

Skills to Apply Innovative Thinking and Methods to Win in the Market

This series focuses on how to identify and evaluate new opportunities as well as how to manage these as part of your product development efforts.

The Skills and Tools to Successfully Manage and Grow Product Lines

Product Managers and Marketers are critical roles in the organization. This program provides the leadership, strategic and tactical skills required to grow product lines.

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Agile Leader Seminars

Two One-day Programs for Agile Leaders to Drive Development Success

4-Hour Live Seminar: Getting Started with MAHD

Modifying Agile for Hardware Development

Gary Hinkle and Dorian Simpson will go into details on how to apply the Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) framework to your products to increase focus, reduce cycle times and deliver products that customers love.  Select from three times to register.

Tools and Methods to Implement Effective Agile Practices requiring Cross-discipline Teams

Agile is not just for pure software. This program goes beyond software to provide skills and methods to apply Agile to physical and complex products where software might be only one component.

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Tools and Methods to Build Customer Insight into Your Agile Efforts

This program focuses on how to work effectively with real target customers to identify needs, prioritize features and attributes, and validate releases throughout the Agile development process.

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Master of Innovation

Five One-Day Programs to Master the Art of Innovation 

The Skills to Drive Innovation Projects and Move BIG Ideas through the Company

This intensive program provides a foundation for how to think like an innovator, hot to identify new high-potential opportunities and how to build solid business proposals that executives need to see. 

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The Methods to Gain Customer Insight to Identify and Execute New Opportuniites

This program focuses on the most effective and practical methods to identify, probe and listen to the right customers to determine the real value of new products and services from concept to MVP.

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The Skills to the Social, Technology and Market Trends that Lead to New, Valuable Opportunities

An intensive one-day program to explore emerging trends and how to identify high-potential opportunities or apply them to existing products to create new value. 

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Key Analytical Methods to Estimate Market Sizes and Growth Rates for New Concepts

This hands-on program provides the skills to apply the right data and models to determine the potential revenue forecasts and ROI of new opportunities before requesting investment funds.

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The Skills to Build a Solid Business Case that Executives Need to See

This program provides skills to quantify customer value, estimate market potential and how to effectively communicate new opportunities that get the attention of risk-averse executives

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Product Leader Seminars

Six One-day Programs to Build the Skills to Lead in the Market and Your Company

Required skills to speak the language of business and grow a career

This one-day intensive workshop is specifically designed for technical professionals to build a solid foundation in financial understanding and decision-making, both from the perspective of the company and specific projects.

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The Skills to Make Strategic Decisions for Product Lines

Blending financial and strategic skills, this one-day intensive program provides the skills to analyze a product portfolio, interpret results and develop strategies to optimize profit. 

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Skills to Create Compelling Visions and the Path to Get There

Developing powerful roadmaps based on solid market information, customer insight and strategy is the key to guiding teams to market success. This workshop provides the skills and tools to build compelling, strategic roadmaps. 

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Skills to Analyze Markets, Competitors and Trends to Make Stategic Decisions

Skills to gather the right market data, understand the market, see important trends, analyze competition and develop strategies based on market insight. 

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Skills to Gain a Deep Understanding of Customers' Needs, Wants and Priorities

Learn powerful methods and market research tools to gain customer insight, prioritize needs, guide development efforts and define market-leading products.

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Skills to Develop Optimal Marketing Mixes to Drive Sales Goals

An interactive day to core marketing skills to develop powerful marketing mixes that support your position in the market and drive sales. 

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